We help startups to achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic market by putting customer outcomes at the centre of every decision.


1. Growth hacking.
2. B2B events management with the special discounts of our partners in Russia and abroad.
3. Personal PR and Speakers Bureau. Art Collecting Speakers Bureau connecting people! We will hold a database of personalities from diverse fields such as blockchain, investments, banking, AI, art, media, real estate, internetofthings, AR, VR, robotics, automation, ML, regulation. The speakers bureau team initiates the introduction between speakers and clients and supports both parties from the primary stages of making contact throughout the booking and logistics process. Clients requiring speakers are usually businesses, corporations, charities, educational or public institutions. A speakers’ bureau helps client and speaker negotiate a speaking fee, a payment awarded to an individual for speaking at a public event.
4. Fundrising Strategy & Experience.
5. Internet marketing.
6. Affiliate marketing.
7. Referral marketing.
8. Media relations.


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